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I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. 

I always had a passion for art and travel but I was shy and never thought I could become an artist. I had a chance to learn animation and how to use 3D Maya at PyeongTaek University.  After I finished my undergraduate degree, I moved to San Francisco for graduate school to learn more about 3D Modeling.  While I was pursuing my masters' degree in Academy of Art University I worked on several student projects and completed a summer internship at a game company in San Francisco.

After I completed my master's degree, I worked on a collaborative animation project and started my first Modeler job at The Third Floor. 

I created characters, props, and environments for major Hollywood movies as a previs asset builder. I learned how to work in a team environment and continued developing generalist skills such as rigging and texturing as I continued working at TTF


I worked at MPC as a previs asset builder. I learned about asset optimizing, PBR Texturing and Virtual production while I was working on different projects. I created Environments using Megascan,  Lidar and photogrammetry according to concepts and clients needs.  

I currently live in Los Angeles Area and am a US Army Reservist.  

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